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1.1 Approach

The school's approach towards discipline is for every pupil to take ownership in ensuring exemplary conduct.  The school believes that discipline is more than correct behaviour but an attitude that reflects integrity, responsibility, perseverance and teachability.  Therefore, the reactive approach is used complementarily with the proactive approach to build up in every Fairsian the value of self discipline.

1.2 Behaviour Monitoring

A pupil spends most of his/her time in the classroom and it is also a place where academic learning takes place.  In order to maintain an environment conducive for learning, we monitor every pupil very closely by maintaining a class management file.  Form and subject teachers can use the file to record any offences (refer to 4.1) a pupil might commit during curriculum time or while he/she is in school.  The following are the consequences of the offences:

1st offenceWarning and Inform Parent/Guardian of pupil's offence
2nd offenceForm Teacher work out corrective actions with pupil and inform Parent/Guardian.
3rd offence1st Warning Letter issued by Form Teacher.
4th offence

3 demerit points + 1 stroke of the cane (for boys) / 5 days of isolation after school (for girls) + counselling.

LH/LDT to inform and meet Parent/Guardian on the next phase of consequences.

5th offence2 demerit points and inform Parent/Guardian.
6th offence2nd Warning Letter issued by Form Teacher + 2 demerit points.
7th offence3rd Warning Letter issued by the Level Discipline Teacher + 2 demerit points.
8th offence

2 demerit points + 2 strokes of the can (for boys) / 10 days of isolation after school (for girls).

LH to meet Parent/Guardian.

9th offence

1 week in-school suspension. 

HOD to inform and meet with Parent/Guardian.

Pupil is to sign a contract with regard to his/her attitude and behaviour with the school.

10th offenceP/VP to meet Parent/Guardian to discuss pupil's status in school.

1.3 Consequences


Conducted after school hours between 2.45 - 5.30 pm.  Manual work will be assigned to pupil during the period of detention (e.g. gardening, cleaning school compound).


1st caning carried out in the Principal's Office.

2nd caning carried out in class.

3rd caning carried out during morning assembly.


Other possible consequences include drawing up a Self-Discipline Plan, In-School/Home Suspension, and Expulsion. If an offender is a recalcitrant in serious offences, he/she may be handed over to the police.

1.4 Follow Up

Pupils will be referred to the School Counsellors for counselling if the need arises.  The purpose of counselling is to help pupils manage the existing problem and to equip him/her with coping skills.